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Thursday, March 31, 2011

To and away

I read The Best American Poetry 2008 but cant recall even one poem. Not even The water cooler poem by Paul Muldoon rings no bell. His sweet-throated throstle in many lines, didnt etch itself enough in my memory.

Reading the same line or word or sound more than once, whether in a refrain or rhyme, takes the poem and the reader outside of the realm of everyday written language. - Poetry for beginners, Margaret Chapman & Kathleen welton

While in fiction, the authors are urged to write dialogue mimicing the everyday language, poetry is willing to go on a flight with snowman


from Paul Muldoon's Plan B


In Muldoon's poetry, myth and the world of harm, debt coexist.

Love the country enough

to expect a great deal of it. - Obama's messageas in the introduction of the following book.

Starting today: 100 poems for Obama's first 100 days, is an interesting project.

After the inaugural poem by Elizabeth Alexander, 99 followed her.
Matthew Rohrer

Can we solve Billy Collin's dilemma of what a poet Laureate should do, by suggesting that he trap each day, moment?


A lawyer once told me that
lawyers are social doctors.
And shelley told the world that
poets are the unacknowledged legislators of the world

Wit about

According to Marion Meade, in the introduction of Dorothy Parker's Complete poems,
A E Housman's poems were an influnece on her.

Coty perfume.
19th Amendment

Reading a last line of Dorothy Parker's poem Epitaph
and watch the worms slip by, slip by.
I wanted it to be
and watch the worms slip slip by

Elinor Wyle's poems
Phyllis McGinley's poems

Some poems of Parker have an Envoi. Its like PS.

Politician poet

Gabriela Mistral. Her poems.


Comet made a one third poet

I came across Murilo Mendes in Saramago's Small memories.

A poem of his translated by M S Merwin. Going by the introduction, this book, Say this of horses: a selection of poems has the equine spirit in great proportions. A similar book - Poems about horses by carmela Ciuraru.

How the comet made the poet

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Through a psychiatrist's looking glass

There are people profiles in Lives we carry with us by Robert Coles

Here follows

Where's the moon, there's the moon by Dan Chiasson

Mind, his own and other's intrigues the poet. Looking in. Looking out into another.

When the poem titled Threadended with needle, I was reminded of Merwin's poem. Twine, Sewing kit in another poem.

Poetry radiation

in Louis Untermeyer's words.

In The Poets Laureate Anthology, we are on a long journey of poems.

Title: The Poets Laureate Anthology

Each day morning when I read a set of poems by a poet and thought about their style or theme inclination, I knew I was on to a great start of the day. After having read enough pages I could compare poems by different poets on a similar experience. For example compare 'The Groundhog' of Richard Eberhart, 'Traveling through the Dark' by william Stafford and 'The Wellfleet whale'by Stanley Kunitz. I wasnt very familiar with the work of any of these poets. This book was a good introduction to many of the unknown poets.
To find a non popular poem of a well known poet is to know a poet in a new way. Exa, Design by Robert Frost.
The introduction to the authors and their views on poetry and role of poetry are illuminating in the way of how they came to be poets. Some of the influences of their lives are telling in their work.
Many poems got me searching for myths, mostly Greek.
And sometimes when I flip the pages back, I felt that I hadnt read some poems, that way it becomes an endless book.

After reading this book, 'Kill the day' by DonalD Hall is my favourite poem and Richard EberHart is my favourite poet for his eye for nature.

"For sale signs loomed like paper tombstones on the weedy lawns" - Mona Van Duyn.

PS: Poets love to write about Robert Frost. Title paraphrases Walt Whitman's 'The Child who went forth' in recognition of each poet's commitment to spread poetry.

Match your library

against Hitler's. I came across this article in still on call by Richard Stern

Language after a writer

Language of Camoes

Theorists and poets to know

Marjorie Perloff
Christian Bok
Caroline Bergvall
A D Hope
Anthony Easthope

Wise Solomon

When I came across splitting the baby story in The practical writer, my head was trying to recall the story.
As a child, I didnt know enough of the story that one of the baby was killed.

How do you like your poet?

Black Mountain poets

Monday, March 28, 2011

Young poets 2010

Melissa Kwasny

Emerging poets

Thomas Sayers. On father.

I like the framing of store to album of his Atomic Bride

I enjoyed reading Julie Carr's poetry. On fascination, parenting, child birth, sex.

Steve Healey. Earthling has ice age, water, salt, boat, dandelions, shoes recurring in it. small winter. Healey customised the season thereby removing any doubts if there can be anything be left to say of it. when the clock points outside the window.
consistently magical. (James Tate, Mary Ruefle, Stephen Malkmus on back cover)

Anna Rabinowitz
John Hodgen
Lynn Emanuel
John Beer
Suzanne Buffam
Nathalie Handal

Anis Shivani's article also lists some young poets.

O so many lit mags

culture mag
Reading Orr's The Politics of poetry, sidebar lead me to
Guernica, a magazine of art and politics.
Ales Steger. I havent read much international poetry.
Somehow I came to Big think and then to The Death of NYTBR where emerging poets of 2010 have been identified.


You can throw them
into the volcano

Even when the earth
pulls the people in
a quake
they are accounted for

Not a solo artist

In What the Dog saw, I came across Late bloomers article that I like. Recognising a work of art impossible without the support of other people, family and patrons. From Matisse's life, I felt that if an artist needs time for art, then is there time for feeding the family?

Review of book reviews

If its a muddle, going up the chain, I see how when overdone author's reputation can taint the work and in desired amounts can flavor the work while reading this post

Bilingual poetry

In Raul Zurita's Purgatory, sentences are like stakes. Of places like the Atacama desert and the Pampas - they are pitted in the ground. He looks at the relationships between them with each as the center. This outlook might be the way to understand anything wholly.

For another day

My Life as a Russian Novel has a gripping writing style but the incidents are not for a day when you are looking for truth.

Another review

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Some more Bolano

The Insufferable Gaucho, title piece from the eponymous book.

Bolano uses Chinese in 'The Insufferable Gaucho' and 'Police Rat' like Greek and Latin.


Alvaro Rousselot's journey

Book Hampton
book blog

Big spread

Laurie Colwin's book Home Cooking will catch the attention of the readers first with the cover.

Its a lady in white plain garment and a pan that covers all of her face with a wooden spoon in her left hand. Theres an urge to move the pan to see the cooks face, is it fear of cooking that makes the cook take this stance? On a quick look, the pan-face looks like the back of a ballerina's head.

A writer in the Kitchen beneath the title did it for me.

In her chapter on Nursery food,
Pastina and
Beef tea are new foods. a little into the chapter I realised that it was all about Comfort food.

More comfort food
International comfort foods

Virtual twin

Enough distraction...back to the book..

The book began with a description of her mini apartment with no place but will to cook.
Alone in the kitchen with an eggplant takes us back to our own cooking styles to recall what do we cook when we have to cook for ourself - I like simple vegetable mixes with curry spices in it, that need holding spatulas just in the beginning and are off on their own in cooking.
In How to fry Chicken, she brings on her I know the right way of doig it persona. Thinking about it, I can tell lots of vehement how not tos.
Feeding the Fussy with all the extents that food choices can go to, it becomes a mathematical problem as to how best keep all happy and fed. The only people left out are poor eaters.
Bloomer Loaf
I wont take her advice of frittering in How to Disguse vegetables.
The same old thing. Keeping up novelty is not an issue just at the wardrobe but in what you serve to your friends - your tried and tested dishes or new ones clueless about hospitality.
'Its an Argentine dish' - A failed attempt. I always have one black sheep like this on the rear burners.
Easter biscuits
Kitchen Horrors takes our attention to the adventure in cooking when it ends bad.
In the rest of the chapters, Colwin convinces us that cooking is not difficult.
Loads of recipes.
salt bagel

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Self disbutlered

Roberto Bolano is a new author for me. I have my hands on a short story collection of his,The Insufferable Gaucho His other books too have engaging story lines.

The Insufferable Gaucho is a translation by Chris Andrews.

In the title piece, the repetitive symbol of rabbits taking the place of horses is intriguing. For a Gaucho, its impossible to be without a horse. Thinking from the mobility perspective, it must be equivalent to a house for a settled person. But a closer metaphor would be oxen for a farmer. As an agricultural land lying fallow, the erstwhile horse and the ubiquitous rabbits are all ghosts.

Friday, March 25, 2011


New Mexico

English movement poet

Donald Davie
The Movement

Collected Poets

Edwin Arlington Robinson: A poet's life points to many other poets.

Robert Mezey's bio included in California poetry: from the Gold Rush to the present. His poems in The geography of home: California's poetry of place, The State of the Language, Collected Poems

Collected Poems of Archibald MacLeish. His Tower of Ivory. A good bio of him.

Lilla Cabot Perry and her poems

I go by ..

If someone gets your name wrong, should you correct them?
What if you like the new name?
What if you are addressed in public with the new name you like.

Theres going to be a deluge of funny poetry now. While that is in the works, let me point you to The book of Humorous verse. I stumbled upon it, while on a search for Miniver Cheevy by Edwin Arlington Robinson. Samuel Amadon's back cover has a reference to EAR.

W S Gilbert is the first poet in The Book of Humorous verse.

In a sea of things

Reading todays quota of poetry, Without discussion by Samuel Amadon, I wished there was a bio of the author. Contrast this to the days in high school when we had to memorise the bio of Hindi poets. We didnt mind the poems as our teacher made the poems stand out with their interpretation and rhyme helped too. But the bios, the details that took the biggest hit was their life time. With so many students remembering the wrong years, the poet might as well be satisfied with the long eternal life he/she wishes.

I see the cover jacket of Like a Sea and recognise it instantly. When I go through the poems, they dont ring a bell. This reminds me of shopworn cliche, that I came across in a children book review. Suddenly newspapers are bringing up new words like a slate. Charnel for the Japan's state.
Going back to the unrecognised poems, I read a few of them.Things stand out in his poems. With an idea and its opposite, he binds a whole realm into his poems.
I will keep rereading the poems and know them more.

Mild storm

A three lane of everyday
We skirt the middle lane
now a lawned curb

Even a passing tumbleweed
claims ground without
pushing roots
Scarecrow is a man that
crows like to rapport with

Monday, March 21, 2011

What would I like to teach?

Virtues to teach children according to Natalia Ginzburg. Do you think about these same things or any other aspects?


Yestderday while talking about doctors, I recalled a word called compounder. Now I cannot recall or simply dont know how a nurse is different from a compounder. By word, a Compounder would have to mix some medicines.
From a binding word like this we move onto its another meaning of a keep-out. Compound wall.

Like Robert Frost wonders in
Mending wall,
Before I built a wall I'd ask to know
What I was walling in or walling out

But compund itself, while adding some things into the mix, its leaving out all the other things. Cliques

While at it, I was thinking of another occupation word, Peon.
They might have been done away with in the digital world.

From A widows story by Joyce Carol Oates, I expected something like the reflection in Mark Doty's Heavens coast.

Have you come across a book where you like all the writing and stop reading it cause you have made up your mind that you are going to have the book with you as long as the material world will allow and thus stall the reading. Is this what happens in relations too?

In some way, reading is not just about the moment of what has been published but about all the moments that happen to and make the writer. Mark Doty's blog lets me do just that. And soon I will get to the book too.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Knowing the study

I still cannot figure this para on gender studies. Now there is a need to know some from MIT

Friday, March 18, 2011

Avian Icarus

Quadrupled crow
with winnow
tied to wings

Ink filler

In the recent years
filler is a cell
you put on the chip
filler is a thing
to maintain
the continuities of time or space

I forget the soft plastic
capillary that puts the blood
into the pen


Poet hunt

I have started reading Bob Hicok's poetry book Words for empty and words for full.
His interview at Smartish Pace introduced me to more poets - Maureen Seaton. Tess Gallagher. Artaud. Bill Knott. Rodney Jones. Frank O'Hara. Ai. Szymborska. Amy Gerstler

Gustaf Sobin - lyric development of poem
C K williams - long line

Kelli Russell Agodon - how influenced by Olena Kalytiak Davis, Naomi Shihab Nye, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Martha Silano, Susan Rich
William Bronk

From Knotts interview to Carol Ann Duffy

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Both genres

I am reading The Art of Nonfiction by Ayn Rand. I see that she has also written The art of fiction.
Yesterday I started reading Now write! Nonfiction. In the introduction, there is a mention of Now write fiction by the same author.
As of now, they seem like two opposite points. May be the state of righting both is the final Nirvana state of writerhood.

Scurrying lizards

Lizards of southwest

On the hike, I found 3 lizards and I was reminded of a rare lizard we saw as kids. It was called ' pala binde' in Telugu. The words translate to milk pitcher. It looked cream light in color. It didnt have cringe looks like the other lizards.

The Short horned lizards have a wider center breaking our lizard narrow expectations.


Once in a while, funny titles come up.
The Field guide to fields

The spelling of field is unsoothing compared to its meaning.

Fauna by month

The view from lazy point

The conservation ethos is deeply present in each chapter.

Atrazine interferring with Amphibians.

Nurse shark

daffodils by April and red birds playing Prima Donna with their songs - 'It aint spring till I sing'. If these things signal spring, and thinking of Rachel Carson's Silent Spring, spring stops being a season, it becomes a status signal.
When I came across Witness for Nature, with its massive 634 pages, I felt disappointed that I couldnt take it up for reading.

Parrotfish and coral reef

In water

Saved by the sea


Monday, March 14, 2011

All those things

According to Simmel , all things not assimilated oppress us.

Reading of diyas, as Easter mugs,in Theories of things chapter of Stuff by Daniel Miller, I cannot recall any daily objects that have events on them as prevalent in US.

Relationships of things
Some are in pairs like the mortar and pestle.

The author studied pottery in India to understand how it sustains different forms for same function. Looking at the pictures of pots in Artefacts as Categories, I am reminded of tall pots about 4 ft high that were used to store grains.
Car upholstery culture

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A person

is the actor one likes
the antics carried out

the person one loves-abhors


I was first shown
a grackle
on a bent reed

Its shrieks too are
on a heavy strung reed

Friday, March 11, 2011

Like a conversation

Half empty
Jacket art by Mark Matcho reveals that alls not well with the happy-go-lucky bunnies and the man rowing down the water about to take a plunge.
Subjective well being

Houghton Mifflin Logo

Upside down
A boy playing piper
balances a dolphin
turned up
on both ends

The symmetry
of dolphins

Thursday, March 10, 2011

.. the crate hasnt just been packed tight for the sake of packing. - Adam Gopnik, Intoduction to Reporting at Wits end.

Tailored addictions

Our grandmothers had a little paraphernalia for their daily stimulation. A small fabric pouch that houses betel leaves, Areca nut,tiny steel containers with lids for slaked lime, Kaasu . The people in Trobriand Islands in Stuff add slake lime to betel nuts, to reduce the bitterness of the nuts.
Our grandfathers had a different setup, reminiscent of primitive cave man, they generated a sparkle to light their rolled cigarettes with friction.

Point of departure

After reading about the crows going for the snake livers in Wild comfort, I made a statement about intellect's role in driving addiction and hours later I questioned myself if I would be a non-vegetarian if I did the killing myself.
Ghost net.
I like the concept of 'Happy Basket'. I already know a basket perfect for it.

Bat ray
Blue in wings
Flounder has 3 kind of
skin cells to help in its camouflage.
Tree frogs

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Insect watching

Our abandoned balcony in the winter, has been an abode for industrious insects. My roomate showed me well crafted, beautiful web. In there, closer to the peripheries were tiny insects, spider babies? Hence my interest in the book
Morphologically disturbed insects
Conrad Gessner
Maria Sibylla Merian
Mary Anning

New poets

Why translation matters

It is because of Rabassa's translation that I read One hundred years of solitude but I wouldnt say that I remember his name. goes to say of the little credit that goes to the translators, according o the author who is also a translator.
As i kept reading 'The Notebook' by Jose Saramago, admiring is fluidity, i kept forgetting that its a translation well done.
Luis de Gongora
Juan Ramon Jimenez
Gustave Adolfo Becquer
Francisco de Quevedo
Jaime Manrique
Nicanor Parra
Jorge Manrique
Garcilaso de la vega
Fray luis de leon
Sor Juana ines de la cruz


My colleague asked me
to pick few daffodils
from her vase
I have never seen them
Read of them in
Wordsworth poem
The ones I have
are still buds
making the stalks

Noiseless dream

In a childhood dream
there are snakes on
either side of the road
I am on my knees
a skateboard position
to zoom through
without touching them

What you notice most is the noise

At superstition mountains
I crossed a wanderer
lying on the path
and asked my friend
to quietly do the same

At BITS, I froze
when we were both
on the road
it crossing from a
mini garden
to a lawn

Always avoiding
each other


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Thursday, March 3, 2011

It takes a speedbreak
to know the flat ground

It takes a flat ridge
to curtail your fast legs
adjusted to the slope

The splendor

of imagined life

A whole look at it
from the sidelines
or outskirts

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Trailing in the clouds

A week at the airport
The school of life

Trailing in the clouds

From the ground
when a jet flies
in the clear sky
you see
its white trail

From a plane
when a plane flies
in the clouds
you see
its clean trail

Neon sign

A lightning
is a neon sign
that sometimes
borders the clouds
sometimes flashes
them up

Pull head over
Wave to a train
to a ship
but none to a plane

Celestial things

There are stars on earth too
Lights at the night from a plane
Its the distance that lends the beauty
to celestial things

The book had such a glossy cover that my laptop flickers had me dodging a crawlie reflected on the book.

Meet the poet

Poetry in person
Muriel Rukeyser

During the course of his 1993 appearance, edward Hirsch repeats a line from Robert frost to the effect that if a book of poetry holds twenty-nine poems, the book itself becomes the thirtieth poem. - Alexander Neubaeuer.

I'm sure that rhythm is the poet himself. - Lowell.