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Friday, March 16, 2012

Alberto Alvaro Rios

In A man then suddenly stops moving, is not afraid to make a leap right in the first para, from a literal act of chewing a fruit to a long term act of mulling.

In A small motor, why does the poet say that there is an animal in him and that animal has hunger, why does he distance the desire by two levels? Also in the previous line it is a mechanical motor and then it becomes animalistic and then human.

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I love monkeys!!! said...

I'm using your poem for a project we are doing at school I have to memories one of your poems which is at lest 24 lines I choose one that is 28 it is called Aunt Matilds's story of the big day. I really like it and it's really easy to memories I also have to dress up as you and act like you for a whole class period It's going to be funny to dress up because i'm a girl/young lady :) I hope more people knew about you because you are a true artist with words wishing you luck.


I love monkeys :)