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Friday, July 29, 2011

Books about/by

TOMS one for one
Gabrielle Bernstein
Jack Soto
John Warner

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Everything is normal

A fake cold
every alternate day
just the voice

pain in the
righ hip

during pregnancy.


pale spots on the peel
like stars
on the inside pink veins
run through
creamy flesh like
in the brain

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

To make talk and swoon

Gary Soto's poem The dime-store parakeet reminded me of a recent visit to Animal zoo in Bordentown.

Mom sends the kids to
the zoo with 'talk
to the parrot'
Macaws dont talk, not
interested in corn or
A white cockatoo
lets popcorn hand fed
son calls 'it gentle'
unlike the macaw which
made a 3yr old daughter
blame the father for
letting it eat her hand
A kid's futile attempts
to land corn into a bowl
above him and behind a
mesh bring out the evil in
a foreign tone mommy.
Cockatoo has some popcorns
and doesnt miss the lost
Its time to say bye
and thats when it says
we all turn back
In frenzy, White Cockatoo
lifts its crest
and nods the head up and down
I clap and the head nods in
Later a video showed my head
nodding too.