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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

changing fortune

Ideas not coupled with action
never become bigger than the
brain cells they occupied

Education is less expensive
than ignorance

Fortune Cookie, Sun dining.

Monday, June 29, 2009

The secret life of a recipe

The first time we we were invited to our landlord's house for lunch, I do not remember what we had before dessert. one reason, I remember the dessert is, it was served in a small bowl of the cooling glasses brown shaped in the form of a half cut apple with a leaf. And two, the dessert was Gulab Jamun.

With its novelty, you can imagine my mom asking the landlady for the recipe, still better asking her to show how(new word for hands on) to make them. Since this is a dish that just does not depend on proportions but also how the jamuns are rolled crackless, passing on of it, requires patience. May be by hit and trial, one can learn how to make it - like the time my sister and I learnt how to make rose cookies, getting the conistency of the batter right or mar it - like the time I made gulab jamuns which would better pass as tough donuts.

What makes people try recipes? My dad once made peanut brittle. As a young kid, I had a bad experience of having too much of it while travelling. That time also coincides with my forming a tough no-no bond with the likes of soft drinks - thanks to the head stir created by thumbs up!

Or was she flattered that Randolph wanted it?
Eat my words- Reading women's lives through the cookbooks they wrote- Janet Theophano

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Thanks Grandma

In a house with a hen
the daily egg is precious
With many in the family
you would wait till
you amassed enough
for a meal for all

Releasing it in the morning
from an overturned basket
where it has been held
the previous night
cutting short the
wanderers trail ignoring
its shrieks and jumps

One such egg was boiling
with the white rice for me
and my sister hidden
from the eyes of my cousins
One of the
first days
of school
or lunches
my grandma
getting me
a tiffin
of rice with
ivy gourd
and water
in chembu

As children
if we knew
and ate well
we could
save our loved
ones, long walks.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

little yellow flowers

my brave
peanut plant
has spewed
two little
yellow flowers
stems strong
only for a day

from the side
as if to grab
attention away
from the straight
towering post
of leaves and

Beasts Inside

With the knowledge
of just having had
lunch, my hunger
couldnt be real

A Ghirardelli
square with
was to fool it

Just then the
chocolate's sweetness
kicked in and I rushed
for another with almonds
This is never different

The monster in me
probably knows
I will never let
'I want chocolate'

And then
there was still
the real hunger
to tame.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Not for cold storage

A shriveled apricot
last of its lot
in a refrigerator

Even in this
mushy state
does the seed
stay as
as ever

Monday, June 22, 2009


Every pot
out of
the potters bowl

Even the
ceramic plates
on display
Danish Christmas.

Painted Beaker

Tea in
flowers or
leaves of
green and


Betel juice
ground in
a palm sized
soft black
mortar and pestle

with phlegm
sand in
the hourglass
Brass spittoon

marks the intervals
of grannies tales

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Store bought perfection

On my first attempt
to have a
Vanilla cup cake
from the ziploc bag

on the top
stopped me

Then again
it must be how
they look
while munching
I wondered
how store bought
they taste

A german chocolate
cupcake half eaten
with no base
the topping of
and coconut
and pecan
fell down

forcing me to
have another

my dislike
for fondant
worked in
my favor
from keeping
me away from
a pina colada

I should try that
next time.

Window shopping at grocery store

Green cauliflowers on the top
of a group of cauliflowers
like a color-it page
with one box colored in
green crayon
and rest left blank

Baby cauliflowers
look better than
brussel sprouts

Thursday, June 18, 2009

White Horse at Uffington

on the green hill
like veins of virus
on a green leaf

Regular tomatoes go to market

Siamese Brinjal

Towards the end
of the day
we look
at the tomatoes
gathered in
the big basket before

It will be sewn with a big
needle and covered
with a jute cloth
and just before that
my sister and I
look for the
which are oblong
or anything not
like the rest.

Monday, June 8, 2009

My pet complaints

that I have always been
on a very flat land
the only one water body
I saw instilled fear

I forget
that the offshoot path
to our ancestral house
was raised earth.

In the aftermoons
of holidays
we slept under
the tamarind trees

sometimes trying to
fell them

The trees were on
a ten feet mound
which was all covered
with quicken tree

the red pink berries
never seen elsewhere
and so not
pronounced edible

were denuded
to their transparent
inners and
lost to ground.

Fuamnach struck Etaine with a rod of scarlet quicken-tree.

Purple dress

Purple long skirt
with few inches of
black border at
the bottom

It was on me
on my sister

Do mothers
dress their children

so that
even if one forgets
one's dress or the other's
the other can remember
one's dress or the other's

slaught on memory:

The Purple Stocking(painting by Sir James Jebusa Shannon)
Midir's purple leather, purple tunic (The Wooing of Etaine - Retold by Ann Moray)

from 'The Celtic Quest: An Anthology from Merlin to Van Morrison' edited by Jane Lahr

A kiss to the bird

I think
I know
why humming
birds are cute
why they
look like babies

Red and Green Apples

Apples and oranges
have become
too staple for
afternoon snack
so much that

Red and Green
though apples
are no
longer of
the same family

Sometimes the
green apple
crisp like a
pear is really
no apple or sweet

Today finding the
oranges too small
to satisfy visual

my eyes took in
small bunches
of fresh
and plums

crazy day
who wants
apples then

Content spill

I didnt know
that Bolillo
at local bakery
had eggs in it
until one day
they smelt too
much to disguise
the presence
and tasted
very chemical
after left
too long
dunk in tea.

(aah- dunkin doughnuts figures!!)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Memorious clouds

Funes remembers the
shape of clouds
on any given day

One day
I remember
driving to the airport
the sky had
mountains of clouds

This day
I want to remember
the red bird
with blue wings
it joins

of all
the other